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Promotional Products

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Belt Buckles
Belt Buckles
Belt Buckles

Cast Brass Custom Award
Cast Brass Custom Award
Cast Brass Custom Award

Die Struck Medallion with Spinner Stand
Die Struck Medallion with Spinner
Die Struck Medallion with Spinner Stand

Awards & Recognition Gifts, Commemoratives, and Promotions

Indiana Metal Craft manufactures a wide range of metal promotional products imprinted with company logos and advertising as well as safety and performance awards that are sold through Promotional Product Distributors throughout North America.

Among the many uses for our promotional products are employee and customer gifts; safety, service, and participation awards; trade show promotions; and golf outing gifts and awards.

Design, budget, and delivery requirements are met through the production options of lost wax casting, spin cast pewter, and die striking. We also have import capabilities for promotional products including cast and stamped precious metal jewelry and die cast and die struck coins, medallions, and belt buckles.

Our promotional products are sold through recognized promotional product distributors and awards and trophy dealers. If you are a buyer of promotional products, please contact your local promotional product distributor for information about our promotional products. Ask for Indiana Metal Craft (PPAI 112175, UPIC imc, ASI 62570, or SAGE 51745). You may contact us for the name of one of our partner distributors.

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