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Retail Brass Buckles

Retail Pewter Buckles
Retail Pewter Buckles
Retail Pewter Buckles

Retail Pewter Ornaments
Retail Pewter Ornaments
Retail Pewter Ornaments


Our roots, beginning in 1975, were as a manufacturer of novelty belt buckles. Due to many retail customer requests, we have resurrected many of our vintage 1975-1985 belt buckles. We originally manufactured these buckles in a base metal and made them available in either a brass or pewter plated finish. We do not currently manufacture in the base metal used, and the buckles have been upgraded to fine unleaded pewter.

A Note About Our Retail Buckles Manufactured in the 70's:

We receive many requests about our products that were manufactured in the 70's and early 80's. We are happy to respond to your requests about the history of specific designs and the dates that the products were manufactured. We do not have detailed information about the current value of these buckles. We suggest that you check the values on Ebay by doing a product search "Indiana Metal Craft." Normally there are 30-50 vintage IMC Buckles being offered on auction.


We have been producing pewter and brass holiday ornaments for more than 10 years for the promotional products trade. Many customers have asked that we make our ornaments available for retail sales. Each ornament has a flat back suitable for personalization if desired.

Click on the link below to view our retail buckles and ornaments.


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